Quality management

The policy of Lasertechnika, based in Borzytuchom, is to run the company in such a way that the services offered are provided in accordance with the established requirements for quality and reliability, as well as the requirements of national and international regulations, and to perform this task continuously, friendly to customers, the environment, the working environment and with respect for the natural environment.

In order to maintain and improve the satisfaction of customers and other stakeholders, the Company has adopted the following quality objectives:

We achieve our quality objectives by:

The responsibility for quality is distributed among each employee through a purposeful distribution of tasks and authority.

Specific quality objectives are developed for all functions and management levels, including production process objectives and continuous improvement objectives, and all company personnel are involved in their establishment and implementation.

The owners of the company are responsible for the establishment and maintenance of the quality policy and are committed to creating the conditions and internal environment of the company so that all employees can be fully involved in achieving the objectives. This commitment also includes providing the means to implement the policy, including the establishment, development and continuous improvement of the quality management system and the processes covered by it.

The decision to implement this policy was made by the Co-owners of the Company.

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