Laser cutting of metal

Laser cutting process – non-contact and precise cutting technology at Lasertechnika.

At Lasertechnika, we use state-of-the-art machines with fiber technology, which provide extremely precise laser cutting. Fiber lasers are characterized by lower operating costs and high productivity.

Currently we have six TRUMPF TruLaser fiber laser cutting machines with the power of 12 kW, which is a guarantee of the highest quality of services.

Laser Cutting Technology.

Our company utilizes laser cutting technology to efficiently process various types of metal sheets, including aluminum, copper, brass, and steel. This technology allows us to process sheet metal of sizes: 4000 × 2000 mm.

What are the acceptable thickness ranges for different materials.

To maximize laser cutting efficiency, it is crucial to consider the thickness of the metal parts being processed. What are the acceptable thickness ranges for different materials?

30 mm structural steel
40 mm stainless steel
25 mm aluminum
10 mm copper
10 mm brass

Nasz park maszynowy

TRUMPF TruLaser 4 x 5030 fiber 12kW, 1 x 5040 fiber 10kW With a solid-state laser with a power of up to 24 kW, impressive feed rates are achieved. Support systems ensure greater productivity and reliability of the entire machining process than ever before. Operator involvement is low and machine downtime is minimal.
LoadMaster loading The universal LoadMaster loading unit automatically supplies the machine with sheets of raw material. The vacuum nozzle moves the sheets from the loading station to the pallet changer and deposits them there. The processed sheet metal can be conveniently picked up by hand. LoadMaster ensures process security and high productivity at low costs – for all 2D laser machines and any sheet thickness.
LiftMaster loading and unloading / workpiece sorting The use of the LiftMaster Compact system allows for fully automated loading and unloading of sheet metal. This solution significantly affects the efficiency of the laser and production optimization. This saves time, space and resources. ​
TruStore 3040 automatic storage system TruStore is a shelving system that is perfectly designed for TRUMPF laser cutting machines. Total warehouse capacity 170 tons Load capacity per pallet 5 tons Sheet format 4096x2048 mm Automatic operation of many shifts possible thanks to large storage capacity Faster cycle times with independent lift Elimination of sheet metal damage through automatic loading.
LiftMaster Compact loading and unloading LiftMaster Compact to najszybsza i najbardziej kompaktowa jednostka załadowcza i rozładowcza w ofercie firmy TRUMPF. To dynamiczne i zmienne rozwiązanie w zakresie automatyzacji ma szczególne znaczenie dla czasu obróbki arkuszy, zarówno w połączeniu z magazynem, jak i bez niego. Urządzenie zajmuje niewiele miejsca i zapewnia oszczędność czasu oraz pieniędzy dzięki krótkim cyklom trwającym 90 sekund.

Zalety cięcia laserowego

Accuracy and dimensional precision

Using advanced computer software, all parts produced have consistency and dimensional accuracy. In addition, the ability to easily repeat production increases process efficiency.

Waste minimization

Precision laser cutting, supported by dedicated software, allows for optimal material utilization, significantly reducing waste.

Fast implementation

The automation of the laser cutting process, supported by the storage of technical data in the system, enables fast and efficient execution of orders.


Laser-cut parts are ready for use without additional machining, saving time and resources.

Material protection

Laser cutting does not require direct contact between the head and the workpiece, eliminating distortion and surface damage.

Production flexibility

Laser cutting is ideal for both small and large production runs, offering versatility to meet different requirements and job sizes.

Variety of materials

Laser cutting can safely cut all materials commonly used in industrial processing.

Laser cutting of metal – What is laser sheet metal cutting?

Laser cutting is an advanced metal processing technique that uses a focused beam of laser light to melt and precisely cut the material. It allows for efficient processing of both flat sheets and complex shapes such as profiles or pipes. Computer control enables laser cutting to achieve extreme precision and repeatability.

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