Deburring, blunting of edges

Precision CNC edge grinding at Lasertechnika

Our grinding equipment is characterized by high versatility and is ideally suited to achieve high quality finishes for parts with a wide variety of shapes and dimensions.

Nasz park maszynowy

The Costa MD4 - CV 1150 belt grinder allows you to process parts with the following dimensions: 3000×1100 mm, Height of 200 mm
Surface grinding machine DM1100 ZC Minimum workpiece dimension 10×10 mm, Maximum workpiece width 1100 mm

Zalety gratowania i zatępiania krawędzi

Smooth surface

Provides a smooth surface finish


Removes irregularities and roughness from the surface of steel parts

Increases paint contact area

Increases paint contact area and eliminates edge blackening by blunting edges prior to painting.

Faster Removes rough edges

Removes rough edges faster and more accurately than hand sanding.

Deburring and dulling - What is deburring and blunting of sheet metal?

After processes such as laser or plasma cutting, burrs or sharp edges often appear on the cut surfaces, and the surfaces of the sheet metal may require additional processing. In response to the needs of our customers, we offer deburring, grinding and rounding of both external and internal edges for various materials, including steel, stainless steel or aluminum in our range of services. We use specialized machines from reputable manufacturers for this purpose.

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