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Founded in 2008, LASERTECHNIKA specializes in comprehensive metalworking services that set the standard in laser and plasma cutting, bending, deburring and rounding/edge blanking. Since its establishment, our company has focused on providing solutions of the highest quality, which we achieve through the use of modern machinery.


We specialize in using innovative technologies to produce precise and repeatable components at competitive prices. Our flexibility and readiness to adapt to the individual needs of our customers are noteworthy. We are open to both large, complex orders and the production of single, unique components.


With years of experience, continuous development, and investment in the latest technologies, we have become a valued supplier of products and services to many companies in Poland and the European Union. Our goal is to be a partner that not only executes orders but also supports the business development of our customers by providing high-level solutions.

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We prioritize our customers’ success by emphasizing quality, innovation, and professionalism in every aspect of our business. We invite you to collaborate with us and become one of our satisfied customers who trust our services

Our machine park

TRUMPF TruLaser 1 x 5040 fiber 10kW, 5 x 5030 fiber 12kW With a solid-state laser of up to 12 kW, impressive feed rates are achieved. Support systems ensure that the entire machining method is more productive and reliable than ever. Operator involvement is low, machine downtime minimal.
LoadMaster loading The LoadMaster universal loading unit automatically supplies the machine with raw material sheets. A vacuum suction plate moves the sheets from the loading station to the pallet changer and deposits them there. The processed sheets can be easily picked up by hand. LoadMaster ensures process safety and high productivity at a low cost for all 2D laser machine tools and any sheet thickness.
LiftMaster loading and unloading / sorting workpieces The LiftMaster Compact system enables fully automated loading and unloading of metal sheets, significantly improving laser productivity and optimizing production while saving time, space, and resources.
TruStore 3040 automatic storage system TruStore is a racking system that is perfectly designed for TRUMPF laser cutting machines. Total storage capacity of 170 tons, Load capacity per pallet - 5 tons, Sheet format 4096x2048 mm, Automatic operation of multiple shifts possible due to large storage capacity, Shorter cycle times with independent elevator, Elimination of sheet damage, through automatic loading.
LiftMaster Compact loading and unloading / sorting workpieces The LiftMaster Compact is TRUMPF's fastest and most compact loading and unloading unit. It is a dynamic and versatile automation solution that is particularly important for sheet processing times, both with and without a magazine. The unit is space-efficient and saves time and money with short 90-second cycles.
TruBend 5320 Bending length 4040 mm, clamping force 320 t.
TruBend 3100 Bending length 3100 mm, bending length 3000 mm, pushing force 100 t.
DURMA AD-Servo 30135 Bending length 3000 mm, clamping force 135 t.
TRUMPF TruLaser Tube 5000 fiber The TruLaser Tube 5000 fiber is characterized by an exceptional use of solid-state laser power, setting new standards in the industry. For our customers, this means significantly reduced processing times and the ability to work with a wide range of tubes and profiles. The latest generation of this machine raises the bar even higher. We have seen an increase in productivity, the machine can handle heavier tubes, and the higher laser power makes it possible to cut thicker material.
Belt grinder Costa MD4 – CV 1150 Removes irregularities and roughness from the surface of steel parts, Increases paint contact area and eliminates edge blackening by blunting edges prior to painting, Removes rough edges faster and more accurately than hand sanding, 3000×1100 mm, Height of 200 mm.
Surface grinding machine DM1100 ZC Minimum workpiece dimension 50×50 mm. Maximum workpiece width 1100 mm.

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