Bending of metal

Sheet metal bending on press brakes at Lasertechnika:

Our machine park includes press brakes such as the TruBend 5320, TruBend 3100 and DURMA AD-Servo 30135.

Technical parameters of CNC bending

We offer sheet metal bending services using press brakes for bending line lengths up to 4040 mm. We have high quality tool sets that ensure excellent bending quality even for complex parts.

Nasz park maszynowy

TruBend 5320 Bending length 4420 mm, Pass-through opening 3680 mm
TruBend 3100 Bending length 3060 mm, Pass-through opening 3384 mm
DURMA AD-Servo 30135 Bending length 3000 mm

Advantages of CNC bending on CNC press brakes


100% maintenance of a constant angle along the entire length

Laser ACB

Completely non-contact bending angle correction

Edges Highest quality

100% repeatability of bends and shape

Nieograniczone możliwości

Możliwość wielokrotnego gięcia detali

CNC bending - What is sheet metal bending?

Sheet metal bending is a processing technique that is widely used in various industries. As such, we offer one of the most advanced methods of sheet metal bending, using numerically controlled press brakes, which are among the most advanced equipment. This technology guarantees precision work, minimizes the risk of errors and maintains the required tolerances, both dimensional and angular, in bending. The use of this method allows us to achieve uniformity in the serial production of components.

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